We handle a wide variety of issues including international elements as well as domestic ones.

All attorneys are available for consultation in Japanese and English, and our staff is able to communicate in Japanese, English and Vietnamese.

Inheritance and Estate Planning – including international elements

  • Inheritance Procedures
  • Preparation of Wills
  • Execution of Wills
  • Distribution of estate assets
  • Request for Infringement of Legally Reserved Portion
  • Investigation of Inheritors and estate assets
  • Request for Appointment of Administrator (when inheritor does not exist)

Family Relationship and Child Disputes – including international elements

  • Divorce / International divorce (including property distribution, marital support nd divorce alimony).
  • Child-related issues (custody, childcare, contact/visitation, recognition).
  • Adoption and separation
  • Hague Convention cases on Child Abduction and Contact/Visitation

Employment Issues and Management for Foreigners

  • Foreigner Recruitment
  • Employment / Labor Contract, Working Regulation, Company Rules
  • Visa Application
  • Corporate Advisor
  • Dismissal
  • Overtime Work ・Wage Issues
  • Working Environment
  • Occupational Health and Safety


  • Company Startups
  • Establishment of Branch in Branch
  • Acquisition of Various Permits and Applications, Preparation of Documents
  • Application for Visa
  • Corporate Legal Affairs
  • Protection of Intellectual Property such as Patents and Copyrights

Vietnamese Cases

We have Vietnamese staff and have provided Vietnamese people and Vietnam-related issues (individuals and companies) with legal services in a various kind of areas on a daily basis.

Immigration Cases

  • Visa & Application for status of residence
    • Procedures for applying for changing or extending the status of residence of foreigners.
    • Procedures for bringing family members living abroad.
  • Application for special residence permission
  • Refugee application such as a lawsuit for cancelling a deportation and a lawsuit for revocation of unrecognized refugees.

Naturalization / Nationality Cases

  • Naturalization
  • Acquisition of nationality

Foreign National Criminal Cases

  • Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law Violations (Overstay / Illegal Employment / Illegal Employment Promotion, etc.)
  • Drug Offenses (Use of Illegal Drugs Such As Stimulants, Smuggling, etc.)
  • Other Criminal Offenses (Theft, Assault, etc.)


  • Leasing relationship of houses
  • Claim for damagesIf (traffic accident and product liability, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy / Arbitrary Arrangement of Debt